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Website Design

Healthcare website of your clinic is the most important tool to create digital presence and provide accurate information for your patients.

Digital Content

With the help of our doctors’ team, we create accurate, search engine optimized medical-digital content to help doctors create brand authority and create long lasting impression on patients.

Digital Marketing

Our customized digital marketing strategy will help doctors to reach large population to generate enquiries through social media marketing and digital ads (PPC sponsored ads).

Patients in your local market are going to the internet more than ever to investigate what ails them and find a provider nearby who can treat it. They are taking control of their health, and it is critical that practices establish a medical marketing plan to attract, convert, and retain them. Our medical digital marketing expert team specializes in delivering healthcare digital marketing services to doctors, clinic & hospitals in order to generate patient enquiries and convert them also re-engage existing patients through quality medical information about treatment options and benefits.

That’s why we work closely with doctors to create plan or strategy, understand the patient demographics and treatment USPs to primarily generate awareness about doctor’s or clinic’s services which will ultimately play role in generating patient enquiries. Here’s our two package options,

Monthly Package

(*For doctors, clinics who wants to reach large population and truly utilize power of digital ads.)

Social Media Posts:

Monthly 12 social media posts with medical infographic content to provide information about services, various cases, patient testimonials, special healthcare days to create awareness & holiday wishes. We will publish it on Facebook, Instagram & Google Business with relevant captions and hashtags. These posts will also include reel or short videos. The goal is to connect with your current patients and help reach new potential patients with your social media presence. These posts will form a base for our medical content plan to generate awareness among patients.

Health blog (Medical SEO):

One monthly health blog with medical content explaining common questions from your speciality diseases. This content will be created with Search Engine Optimization techniques to help website rank better on world wide web. It is critical that you are ranking highly for your core services and keywords over your competitors. This is also important to establish your authority in the market as an expert.

Digital Ads:

Healthcare digital ads are the best way to reach new patients faster with pay per click or pay per view ads. These digital ads are sponsored ads created on social media platforms as well as on Google.|

a) Awareness Campaigns (Meta Ads): Meta ads (Facebook & Instagram) are perfect to promote social media content or digital medical content to reach new patients and provide the valuable information about services and treatments. These ads are generally created to spread brand awareness.

b) Conversion Ads (Google Ads): Even though such ads can be created with Meta ads as well through lead generation and message or call boost options, Google search ads or performance max ads works better for conversion results. Digital experts will setup these campaigns, with appropriate audience selection and high-volume keyword ad copies.

Monthly allotted ads budget will be assigned to awareness & conversion campaigns as per your requirements. We will recommend ads budget as per competition research and past experience.

YouTube Video:

One monthly YouTube video with infographic designs explaining various treatments, services, and unique cases. This video can also be used to connect with past patients to reintroduce services and impress them with success stories.

Website security & Maintenance:

If you have also opted for website design services from us, we will provide monthly website security services (to protect from hackers & malwares) along with maintenance to keep website up-to-date and maintain page loading speed.

Doctors we work with

Yearly Package

*For doctors or clinics who wants to keep connect with past and current patients but do not to wish to utilize the power of digital ads to larger population.

Social Media Posts:

One-year social media posts (52/year) of special healthcare days for awareness & holiday wishes.

YouTube Video:

One YouTube Intro video with infographic images to showcase services and amenities of clinic.

Sponsored Instagram Reel:

One Instagram reel video with doctor explaining his or her services. (This video will be made viral with sponsored digital ads).

Permanent Webpage on KnowYourDoctor:

We will create a unique webpage or blog-page on our website to provide brief information about clinic’s services, amenities and doctor information.

Add-on Services

We also provide graphic design services to create brand logo and stationary collaterals such as letterheads, hospital files, visiting cards, brochures, newspaper inserts etc. We will help you with content and designing of these important tools which create first impression on patients.

We also help in executing different mass media marketing such as newspaper ads, radio ads, tv ads, hoardings as well as hyperlocal marketing like pamphlet distribution, automobile ads, local high footfall center ads (multiplex, super shops etc). Add-on services are available to clients who are associated with us for monthly digital marketing service or website service.

Every healthcare organization in the twenty-first century need a website that serves as your virtual representative 365 days a year. If your healthcare website is outdated, not mobile friendly, does not convert website visitors into new patients, or just does not meet your expectations, and you are seeking for a competent, experienced, and one of the Best Medical Website Design Agency in India, you have come to the right place. We specialize in developing healthcare website for doctors that attract more patients to your clinic.

We create unique designs of website for doctors with Search engine optimized content to provide all the information about your services to patients an a unique interactive way.

Let’s Grow Together

Know Your Doctor is a platform created by doctors for providing best digital marketing for doctors. At the same time helping patients to find best doctors.

Digital marketing for doctors will help patients as well

Let us provide genuine medical information to patients with trustworthy content and share experience to help them choose an accurate treatment option. So, let’s work together to create a remarkable digital / online presence of you & your clinic.