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Digital Marketing for Doctors, By Doctors

If you are looking for an agency to help you create a remarkable presence online, you’ve come to the right place. We help doctors to reach new patients and retain them through digital marketing.

Hire Us For

Website Design

Healthcare website of your clinic is the most important tool to create digital presence and provide accurate information for your patients.

Digital Content

With the help of our doctors’ team, we create accurate, search engine optimized medical-digital content to help doctors create brand authority and create long lasting impression on patients.

Digital Marketing

Our customized digital marketing strategy will help doctors to reach large population to generate enquiries through social media marketing and digital ads (PPC sponsored ads).

Digital Healthcare Marketing Services For Doctors, Clinics & Hospitals

Patients in your local market are going to the internet more than ever to investigate what ails them and find a provider nearby who can treat it. They are taking control of their health, and it is critical that practices establish a medical marketing plan to attract, convert, and retain them. Our medical digital marketing expert team specializes in delivering healthcare digital marketing services to doctors, clinic & hospitals in order to generate patient enquiries and convert them also re-engage existing patients through quality medical information about treatment options and benefits.

We create unique designs of website for doctors with Search engine optimized content to provide all the information about your services to patients an a unique interactive way.

Every healthcare organization in the twenty-first century need a website that serves as your virtual representative 365 days a year. If your healthcare website is outdated, not mobile friendly, does not convert website visitors into new patients, or just does not meet your expectations, and you are seeking for a competent, experienced, and one of the Best Medical Website Design Agency in India, you have come to the right place. We specialize in developing healthcare website for doctors that attract more patients to your clinic.

About Us

We are a team of doctors and digital marketing experts based in Pune, providing customized digital marketing services for doctors.

Our Mantra.

Creating strong digital presence through digital content and ads will help to attract more patients for doctors. And using digital tools to retain & retarget these patients will help in growing medical practice.

Our Vision.

Our goal is to become a leader in creating digital content for doctors, clinics and hospitals to help doctors and patients connect each other.

Doctors we work with

Why Choose Us?

A doctor understands a fellow doctor better. That’s why our director, 
Dr. Yash Paranjape, who have completed certification from IIT Madras will personally guide you in creating digital marketing strategy. We not only have the experience of working with doctors, but most importantly, an authentic credibility to execute digital marketing services. Our CTO Harsh Paranjape is a Google Certified Web & UX designer who will personally design & execute your website and other digital graphics

Let’s Grow Together

Know Your Doctor is a platform created by doctors for providing best digital marketing for doctors. At the same time helping patients to find best doctors.

Digital marketing for doctors will help patients as well

Let us provide genuine medical information to patients with trustworthy content and share experience to help them choose an accurate treatment option. So, let’s work together to create a remarkable digital / online presence of you & your clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare digital marketing is the process of using digital channels to widen the reach and promote healthcare professionals, hospitals, and clinics. These channels make marketing cost-effective by using search engines, content, and social media.

Digital marketing for healthcare galvanizes the loyalty of current patients and educates prospective patients about their healthcare options. It’s always been about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time. And today, the right place is on the internet and the right time is around the clock.

Your medical website is your #1 digital marketing asset because it serves as your digital billboard, the foundation of your marketing traffic and a gateway to deliver valuable information to patients about what you do, why you do it and what makes you different.

Cost of website depends upon design, features and most importantly amount of medical content. More the content, more the chances of ranking higher on search result for a website. Every medical practitioner requires unique set of content so costing of a website is also unique and customizable.

Medical SEO is huge and without right techniques of SEO, it is very hard to rank your website on search result. Our healthcare digital marketing experts use white hat techniques of SEO to rank higher. Medical SEO will help establish authority for a doctor.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing for medical practices is when you leverage social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to showcase your practice on a more personal level. The goal is to connect with your current patients and help reach new potential patients with your social presence.

Being active on your social media channels will boost your digital profile and improve your website’s SEO as they go hand and hand. Social media gives you an outlet to share knowledge, expertise, health and wellness information, and anything pertaining to your practice.

WhatsApp is the best tool to keep connect with previous patients. It is very easy to share content or medical information through WhatsApp to patients. Patients or their house member can easily share useful medical tips further in their WhatsApp groups to create viral effect in an organic way.

Whether you have 40+ years of experience or fresher in your medical practice, to reach more and more people through digital media, you need digital ads in quick time. Paid or sponsored digital ads are one of the fastest, targeted and trackable ways to reach the right patient in the right geographical area for your medical practice.

A doctor can only understand another doctor’s perspective regarding growing medical practice. That’s why we have a team of doctors with digital marketing expertise who can help doctors, clinics & hospitals to grow their business through accurate medical content. We are the medical content creators of 21st century.